WiseMotion Silent Disco, Kaivopuisto, Helsinki

WiseMotion Silent Disco, Saturday May 22th 2021

Location: Kaivopuisto, Helsinki

Video about the WiseMotion method: https://vimeo.com/335283678

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What is Silent Disco?

In Silent Disco, the dance exercises and the neuroscientific presentation are made through headphones. Participants bring their own headphones and log into a Zoom meeting with their cell phone. In Silent Disco organized outdoors, we can respect all the health and safety requirements and fuel them with joy of finally dancing together.

In case of a heavy rain, the Silent Disco goes online which participants can join, or optionally, receive a full refund for their ticket.


Saturday May 22nd

WORKSHOP 1: Summer Brain – Body Awareness, Nature and Friends klo 10.30-12.00

  • How to maintain the brain vital?
  • How do we connect with each other, our environment and the people around us?

WORKSHOP 2: Joy and Pleasure of Dance klo 12.00-13.30

  • Why dancing creates a sense of purpose and reward?
  • What happens in the brain during the joy of dance?


Price of one workshop 45 €

Two workshops 75 €

Students, unemployed and retired -15%

Preliminary neuroscientific material 10 € / workshop

You’ll get a course certificate of your participation.

Enrollment by email to: Hanna hanna@wisemotionco.com . You can also buy your ticket directly via PayPal to hanna.poikonen@gmail.com or in the WiseMotion online store: https://holvi.com/shop/WiseMotion/


WiseMotion is a method developed by Dr. Hanna Poikonen (PhD in neuroscience of movement, dance and music, Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland) which improves physical abilities, self-awareness and social bonding with the means of movement and neuroscience. Hanna has taught WiseMotion method in conferences such as Harvard Medical School (United States) and Swissotel Berlin (Germany) and in festivals and institutions such as Sanitas Mayores (Spain), Kuopio Dance Festival (Finland), Gibney Dance (New York City), Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (Spain) and Alive Wellness (Hong Kong) as well as on online platforms such as the Digital Capsule of the Dublin Dance Festival 2020 and the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science iConference 2020. Currently, Hanna continues her Postdoctoral research at the ETH Zurich in Professorship of Learning Sciences and Higher Education focusing on neuroscience of embodied cognition.

On each workshops, we will do a guided movement improvisation related to which Hanna tells about the movement experience from the point of view of neuroscience. She’ll also go through shortly how certain imbalances of the body and brain can be alleviated by movement and music. We also have a group conversation.

WiseMotion Explorers is made for all curious movers regardless their background in movement or neuroscience. On the WiseMotion Explorers workshop, the movement material is designed to promote processes in learning, creativity, imagination, stress relief  and self-awareness. In addition, the physical abilities, such as muscle tension and relaxation as well as balance, are improved. The movement material of the workshop starts by bringing attention to the breath. Slowly, we invite the body to calm movement with music by focusing on the bodily sensations. During improvisation, we move smoothly with individual creative movement and with online group activities. Everyone moves on their own level of skills and fitness.

The neuroscientific material and group conversation aim to improve both learning and general well-being by increasing understanding which is crucial in maintaining physically and mentally vital and meaningful everyday life. During the neuroscientific presentation, Hanna clarifies the knowledge by practical examples and connects the latest scientific discoveries to everyday life. During the group conversation, everyone gets an opportunity to share one’s thoughts and feelings related to the topic of the workshop, movement and neuroscience.


Prescribe monthly WiseMotion newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/da7a8dfb81ff/wisemotioco

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