Harmony, synchrony, connection

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

― Nikola Tesla

Ubiquitous oscillations of the universe: Earth circles the Sun, Moon circles the Earth, Earth circles around itself. Water circles from clouds to rapids, to rivers, to lakes, to oceans and back into the clouds. Animals and humans follow a circadian rhythm, female mammals the menstrual cycle. Cycles equal to oscillations, like metronomes, with a certain phase. Energy transforms through vibrations, the world without stillness is in constant periodic motion. In untouched nature the oscillations become coherent, reaching collective resonance.

Resonance equals to harmony, which is psychologically observed as pleasant, calming and “how it is supposed to be”. Sound waves, when they are in harmony, create something divine called music. Bodies moving in harmony create the aesthetics of dance. Sometimes we do not notice the harmony, it is so natural that we take it for granted. But when we run out of such a resonance, we struggle and suffer, and long for the smooth state when we were floating with ease.

Contemporary lifestyle pushes us out of our natural oscillation frequencies. Climate change disturbs the cycles of the nature causing hurricanes, thunderstorms, floods, and earthquakes. Sedentary life with screens and artificial light disturbs our natural circadian rhythm, supresses the flow of speech and singing, and takes away our rhythmical movements, such as walking, running and swimming.

In the brain, also, the synchronous oscillation is the fundamental element of neuronal communication and reciprocal neural connection. In healthy brain, the oscillation frequencies are in coherence. Maladies of the body and mind are reflected by disturbed neuronal oscillation. Prolonged stress and sleep deprivation destroy the essential communication across different oscillation frequencies in the brain. Memories cannot be encoded nor recalled anymore since the low theta rhythm stops adjusting the cycles of the higher gamma. High brain frequencies run wild without the control of the lower rhythms. The brain does not reach the slow alpha oscillation anymore, which is crucial in the relaxed state of mind-wandering, and fundamental for creativity and mindfulness.

How can we return the harmony into our brains, minds, bodies, and communities? Capturing experience of dancing, natural human presence, and harmonious sounds are the best first aid. When musicians play together or people move in unison, the low frequencies of the brains oscillate in synchrony. These frequencies are related to higher brain activities such as spatial navigation, social bonding, and processing of emotions and memory. Simple listening to music activates the brain throughout, from cognitive cortex to affective deeper structures, and brings the whole organ closer to the equilibrium.

To explore the collective harmonious space on a WiseMotion masterclass, we create a safe and inspiring dance environment. All the participants are active creators of the sensory-kinetic-social space. First, the participants are gently invited to the calm state of being. Then, they are welcomed to a dance journey by guiding them through a collective improvisation. Can we create and maintain the harmony?

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