Biel, Switzerland

Tuesday, September 24th 2019

Two WiseMotion workshops

Location: Perpetuum moBiele, Kanalgasse 36, 2502 Biel

Educator: Dr. Hanna Poikonen, the creator of the WiseMotion method

Video about the WiseMotion method:


17.30-19 WORKSHOP 1: The Brain Intertwined – Movement, Emotion and Cognition

Different brain regions play distinct roles in processes of movement anticipation, preparation and execution. Interaction of these regions enables smooth movements in the everyday life. Importantly, these interactions are improved by both professional athlete and rehabilitative training. Many motor brain regions are also involved in cognitive and emotional processes. Specific brain-based training programs can be created for expertise, everyday wellness and rehabilitation to support healthy cognition, emotion and movement.

During the workshop, we learn how different brain regions interact to create complex continuous movements. We understand how movement can be used in enhancing the cognitive performance and emotional well-being.


19-20.30 WORKSHOP 2: Concentration, Memory, and the Brain

Nowadays, problems in concentration and memory are on the rise. These problems can be alleviated by an optimal combination of versatile exercise and rest. Increasing number of neuroscientific studies show that multidomain training combining cognitive challenge, movement and social interaction slows down the aging of the brain.

During the workshop, we learn with movement and neuroscientific theory how to reach a state of concentration, and how to act from that stage with ease. To enhance the brain potential, the practical part of the workshop focuses on movement coordination during meditation and a collective memory task. After the workshop, we know how to maintain the healthy cerebral functions of attention and memory in a long run.


Dr. Hanna Poikonen

Hanna is originally from Finland, but movement practice and science have taken her to live in Australia, Singapore and Switzerland. For eight years, she is based in Barcelona. She has studied movement and dance in cities such as New York (Gibney Dance, Movement Research), Barcelona (La Caldera, Institut del Teatre), Montreal (Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique) and Berlin (Marameo). Explorations in kung fu, tai chi, butoh and somatic methods have taught her a holistic approach to the body and mind.

Hanna worked for five years in brain research and education focusing on intelligence, pain and creativity at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich, Switzerland). After that, she pursued her PhD in neuroscience of movement, dance and music (Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland), receiving her degree in May 2018. Based on her degree work, she developed the WiseMotion method of movement, meditation and neuroscience. Currently, she is a Guest Researcher at the University of Örebro in Sweden and starting her postdoctoral research at ETH Zurich.

Hanna has taught WiseMotion to people from the ages of 13 to 82 in North America, Europe and Asia. WiseMotion has been featured at Harvard Medical School (Boston), Gibney Dance (New York City), Swissotel Berlin, Institut del Teatre (Barcelona), Kuopio Dance Festival (Finland) and Alive Wellness (Hong Kong) among others.


Course price:

Two workshops CHF 95

One workshop CHF 55

Enrollment by email to Hanna or . You can also buy your ticket directly at