Six Senses Ibiza, Spain

April 13th-16th 2023: WiseMotion Retreat – Vitality through Movement and Science with Dr. Hanna Poikonen

Location: Six Senses Ibiza is a breath-taking resort in the Balearic Islands of Spain surrounded by beautiful coastline and lush nature. This luxurious resort guarantees the state-of-the-art facilities for the WiseMotion Retreat.

Our Retreat was chosen as one of the 11 wellness retreat trends for 2023 by Women’s Health!

Watch below our Retreat video which is part of the In Pursuit for Wellness series by BBC StoryWorks and Global Wellness Institute.


“I found the workshops really helpful and reassuring. Hanna’s approach was great and I really enjoyed the mix between theory and practical work.” – Florence, Occupational therapist, London

“Really appreciated the elegant combination of creative movement and neuroscience” – Scientist, Berlin

“Warm and good feeling both physically and mentally”
– Professional contemporary dancer, USA

“Hanna’s guidance was so gentle and inspiring, provide a very relaxed environment. Focus “just” on the body, feels like been to a sanctuary after the class. What we all need to find our way back to our own body! Highly recommend.” – Yvonne, integrated therapist, Hong Kong

“A really refreshing experience” – Journalist, Finland

“I feel like I had returned home” – Arja, Recently retired, Finland

“On the workshops, I especially liked that, in addition to lectures, they also included embodied tasks which on their side enhanced my learning” – Virva, Choreographer, Helsinki

“I am very happy that I found you Hanna, you are doing a great job and you have a very nice personality!” – Movement coach, Zurich

Our private beach at the Six Senses Ibiza!

This retreat will focus on movement and meditation practices for generating vitality and science behind them. Dr. Hanna Poikonen will share the latest brain and health research about physical and emotional wellbeing and we deepen our knowledge with embodied exercises on creative movement and meditation in movement.

The WiseMotion Retreat will be a combination of joyful and calming movement exercises, insightful scientific discoveries and group conversations. We will understand how our brain processes our senses, creates harmony and reaches high performance over a long time span. We understand and experience how to regain our vitality, and most of all, how to collaborate at work, home and leisure through joy. We learn meditation and movement practices to enhance mental clarity, cognitive performance and social interaction and understand these processes in the brain.

Is this retreat right for you?

Do you feel like you have plenty of energy? Or are there moments in your life that you would like to feel more vital, joyful and concentrated? This three-day retreat looks at all elements of our wellbeing – movement, creativity, mental clarity and social interaction – by experiencing through movement and understanding through science. If you are open to learn, reflect and connect and wish to improve your inner strength and find your full potential, this retreat is for you.


  • Improved mental and emotional wellness through concentrated mind, creativity, and joy
  • Improved physical abilities such as embodied awareness, joint and muscle dynamics and balance
  • A safe and calm space for stress relief and to regain your vitality

What’s included

  • Three nights’ accommodation in at the Six Senses Ibiza
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners (excluding alcohol drinks)
  • Daily group workshops with Dr. Hanna Poikonen
  • Unlimited access to large outdoor pool and the Six Senses Spa with use of steam room and fitness center
  • Access to our weekly schedule of complimentary activities including yoga, meditation, fitness, sound healing, hiking and more
  • Access to library and unlimited WiFi
  • Welcome drink and in-room Six Senses bottled water

*Transfers from the Ibiza airport are available on request

Welcome to feel good with us at the Six Senses Ibiza!

Dr. Hanna Poikonen

The WiseMotion method is developed by Dr. Hanna Poikonen. She is a neuroscientist, dancer and movement specialist, and holds a doctoral degree in neuroscience of movement, dance and music (Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland). Currently, she continues her research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ) in brain research and education. She is also a researcher at Örebro University Hospital in Sweden focusing on creative movement, neuroscience and mental health. She has studied contemporary dance, martial arts and meditation in New York, Montreal, Tokyo, Barcelona, Berlin and Helsinki.

Hanna has toured with WiseMotion worldwide in institutions, festivals and wellness centers such as Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA), Gibney Dance (New York City, USA), Six Senses Douro Valley (Portugal), Kuopio Dance Festival (Finland), Alive Wellness (Hong Kong), and Brain Film Fest (Barcelona, Spain). In addition, Hanna has taught on several online platforms such as Digital Capsule of Dublin Dance Festival and International Association for Dance Medicine & Science iConference.

Schedule of the Retreat:

Thursday April 13th
18.00-20.00 Opening of the Retreat, Introduction to Meditation in Movement
20.30-22.00 Welcome Dinner

Friday April 14th
10.00-10.30 Meditation in Movement
10.30-11.45 WiseMotion workshop: Brain Intertwined – Cognition, Emotion and Movement
12.00-13.15 WiseMotion workshop: Consciousness – The Brain in Sleep, Creativity and Concentration
13.15-13.30 Questions, Conversation, Reflections

Saturday April 15th
10.00-10.30 Meditation in Movement
10.30-11.45 WiseMotion workshop: Brain Power – Clear Mind, Clear Goals
12.00-13.15 WiseMotion workshop: Joy as a Source of High Performance
13.15-13.30 Questions, Conversation, Reflections

Sunday April 16th
10.00-10.30 Meditation in Movement
10.30-11.30 Conclusions: Reflections on Brain, Movement and Vitality

Private room: 2995 euros
Shared double room for two people: 3960 euros per room

The WiseMotion Retreat is given by Dr. Hanna Poikonen, neuroscientists and dancer. She is the founder of WiseMotion Community and a researcher at ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

Booking and inquiries:
Six Senses Ibiza
+34 871 00 88 75

WiseMotion Community
+358 40 73 48 028