Euphoria Retreat, Greece

WiseMotion Retreat by Dr. Hanna Poikonen – Wellbeing for the Mind, Body and Brain at the Euphoria Retreat (Greece) on November 23rd – 26th 2023

Our Retreat
This retreat is for the ones who are looking for ways to maintain or improve their wellbeing starting from inside – through self awareness and body movement which reaches towards harmony of the body, mind and environment. We will immerse in movement exercises and latest neuroscience to understand the complementing sides of wellbeing: the hormonal, neuronal and biological processes in us, and our subjective experience of being alive. The retreat does not require prior knowledge in movement or science and you can join at any point of your healing or preventative health process.

The goals of the retreat are to:

  • Connect with oneself to feel well and balanced starting from the inside.
  • Understand, through movement and science, how much we can do ourselves for our wellbeing in our daily life.
  • Create new healthy and enjoyable routines and understand the science behind them.

The benefits of the retreat are:

  • Balanced nervous system and reduced stress hormones.
  • Elevated mood and calm mental state.
  • Inspiration gained through conversations with other like-minded people in our small group.
The Euphoria Retreat is a stunning 5-start resort in Greece with deep knowledge and world-leading experience in holistic wellbeing.

The WiseMotion Method
WiseMotion is developed by Dr. Hanna Poikonen. The method combines movement exercises and scientific knowledge in a practical way. WiseMotion helps with wellbeing challenges including, but not limited to, stress management, sleep quality, low mood, prolonged pain or memory health. Hundreds of people have benefited from the WiseMotion method, including healthcare professionals, educators, higher executives and people with a brain-related illness.

Dr. Hanna Poikonen
The retreat is given by the neuroscientist and dancer Dr. Hanna Poikonen. For the past decades, she has dedicated to science, arts and movement through brain research on expertise, learning, mental health and creative movement at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and Örebro University Hospital in Sweden, and through practice in dance, martial arts and somatic methods in Barcelona, Helsinki, Berlin, Montreal, New York and Tokyo. Since 2018, she has toured with the WiseMotion method in institutions, festivals and wellness centers, like Harvard Medical School (USA), Technical University of Berlin (Germany), Brain Film Fest Barcelona (Spain), Dublin Dance Festival (Ireland), Six Senses (Portugal and Spain) and Joali Being (Maldives).

Dr. Hanna Poikonen is a dancer by heart and neuroscientist by education. She believes that science, arts and body movement create the core of our wellbeing.

Schedule of the Retreat

Thursday November 23rd
16.30-16.45 Welcome words on behalf of the Euphoria Retreat
17-19 Welcoming the Mind, Body and Community, and Introduction to Movement Meditation (Yoga Studio)
19.30-21.30 Dinner

Friday November 24th
8-10 Breakfast (flexible hours)
10.30-13.30 How does the Body Movement Benefit the Brain Health? (Yoga
– Introduction to different parts of the brain in movement
– Practical exercises and knowledge: Managing stress, improving
concentration and mental clarity
19.30-21.30 Dinner

Saturday November 25th
8-10 Breakfast (flexible hours)
10.30-13.30 Restorative Movement and the Brain (Yoga Studio)
– Introduction to emotions and calmness in the brain and the body
– Practical exercises and knowledge: Improving sleep quality, elevating mood 19.30-21.30 Dinner

Sunday November 26th
8-9 Breakfast
9.30-11.30 Movement Meditation and Retreat Insights to Take Home (Yoga Studio)

In the afternoons, there’s a possibility for individual consultations with Dr. Poikonen.

The WiseMotion Retreat consists of movement exercises, latest scientific knowledge and conversations in a small group. No previous experience in movement or science needed.

Price of the Retreat

Single room: 2290€
Double room: 2090€ per person

The price includes:
– Beautiful room
– Half board (breakfast & dinner)
– The WiseMotion Retreat program
AIVO – On Contemplation small book by Dr. Hanna Poikonen
– Unlimited access to the award-winning spa
*Transportation from the Athens Airport on request with additional cost.

The unique spa of the Euphoria Retreat has been awarded multiple times.

Remember your free 20-minute online consultation with Dr. Poikonen to answer to your questions regarding the WiseMotion Retreat.

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