WiseMotion – Method combining movement and neuroscience

WiseMotion is a method developed by Dr. Hanna Poikonen which improves physical abilities, self-awareness and social bonding through movement and neuroscience. The workshop is based on guided improvisation, neuroscientific explanation of the experience, and group conversation. On a WiseMotion workshop, experience and knowledge come together and deepen understanding by utilizing the wisdom of both subjective experience and objective knowledge. Each workshop covers a topic such as Creative Process, Embodied Collaboration, Imagination and Reality, or Emotions in the Body and Mind. WiseMotion has toured in conferences in Swissotel Berlin and Harvard Medical School, Boston, and in festivals such as Kuopio Dance Festival (Finland) and Magnesia (Helsinki).

WiseMotion Explorers is made for all curious movers regardless their background in neuroscience or movement practice. On the WiseMotion Explorers workshop, the movement material is designed to promote processes in creativity, relaxation, self-awareness and natural embodied collaboration. The neuroscientific material and group conversation aim to improve general wellbeing by increasing understanding which is crucial in maintaining creative, vital and meaningful everyday life. 

WiseMotion Recovery is for patients suffering from brain illnesses (such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, stroke) and to their family members and friends. On the workshop, the patients make movement exercises with their family and friends. All the exercises are designed to support the brain health, and therefore, they alleviate the symptoms of the illness. In addition, the exercises enhance the emotional connection between the patient and the healthy participant. Brain illnesses often change the ability to communicate verbally and express emotions. These changes may be challenging for the family and friends of the patient, both practically and emotionally. Creative movement is a unique way to connect with each other in embodied and non-verbal levels. Therefore, moving together with the loved one suffering from a brain illness enables new and beautiful ways of interaction.

WiseMotion Experts is designed for professional dancers, dance students and other experienced movers such as martial artists, yogis and circus artists. On the WiseMotion Experts workshop, the movement material aims for effortless and intuitive individual bodywork, and spontaneous, flexible and organic embodied collaboration. The neuroscientific material and group conversation are directed to nourish the professional development in creation, and give tools and new point of views for the demands of the high-level embodied performance.

WiseMotion concept reaches towards the deeper layers of being which go well beyond the words. In creative movement, the fundamental elements of humanity are combined in a natural way: Physical activity, rhythm of music and movement, creative act, collaboration, and caring touch. On the WiseMotion workshop, we utilize these elements for a comprehensive embodied experience. After, we understand the experience with the latest discoveries of cognitive and affective neuroscience, and share together our thoughts and feelings related to the topic of the workshop.      


Comments about the WiseMotion workshops:


“I’ve been touring in the United States for three months learning Body Mind Centering and other methods. Now I get to know WiseMotion and get answers I’ve been looking for”

– Professional contemporary dancer


“Every conference should have such a workshop”

– Professor in art and technology


“Interesting and thought provoking”

– Professional contemporary dancer


“Warm and good feeling both physically and mentally”

– Professional contemporary dancer


“Really refreshing experience”

– Journalist


“Makes me want to start dancing regularly again”

– Scientist


“I realized now that I only seek dance experiences that have this focus on social cohesion rather than competition”

– Professional modern dancer


“Really appreciated the elegant combo of dance and neuroscience”

– Scientist


“Very bonding, anxiety releasing”

– Student


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